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Sanctuary village ministries cdc, who we are!

Vision, Mission, Beliefs

The Sanctuary Village Community Development Corporation is a faith-based 501©(3) not-for-profit organization whose vision and mission is to help lift every man, woman, and child—assigned to our hands—to their highest level of potential.  We strongly believe “that no one is an island, and no one stands alone,” and that we can accomplish far more together than we can apart.  Our vision and mission is to build upon the concept of “community” so much so that it in fact becomes a viable force that breathes peace, freshness, creativity, and hope.

We further believe in the creative diversity that God has bestowed upon each of His people. And, it is our hope that we will foster that creativity so that each person can find their own niche and purpose as God intended for them.

We believe that within each person lies the potential for greatness, but because of apathy, lack of opportunity, lack of knowledge, procrastination, and other mitigating factors, many people never reach or even come close to reaching their full potential. So then, the Sanctuary Village’s mission is to help build that potential in each person through service, education, the arts, mentoring, and recreation.

We envision a community where young people will refrain from gangs and street violence, and be encouraged to stay in school, graduate, and go on to college, technical school, or onto gainful employment, causing them to be responsible adults who contribute positively to their communities.  We envision a community where those adults who did not graduate from high school will be prepared to take their G.E.D. exams, and will receive the necessary literacy skills that they need to hold their heads up high in our society, obtain gainful employment—which in turn leads to self-sufficiency, and communal interdependence.

We further envision a community where its members will enter into healthy, whole relationships, and will understand all of the ramifications of marriage prior to entering into Holy Matrimony.  

And, we envision a community that realizes that we are indeed our brother’s and sister’s keeper, and that mentorship is a necessary vital tool that we must be utilized, especially when a biological parent—for whatever reason—is unable to steer and rear his/her child in the right direction.

To that end, it is our mission to provide these programs and services:

      • Performing/Creative Arts (poetry, theatre, choir)
      • G.E.D. preparation
      • Life skills program (money management, meal preparation,   parenting skills, resume writing, interviewing skills)
      • Healthy relationships/whole families program
      • Young Adult Mentoring (Street Ball League, Rites of Passage, Debutante Ball)
      • Health Education and Testing
      • Dress for Success Clothing Closet
      • Food Cabinet

As our long-term goal, we further envision that our Sanctuary Village will encompass a K through 12 Sanctuary Village Preparatory School that will indeed prepare its students to become high achievers spiritually, culturally, intellectually, and through their giftedness. We will accomplish this by under-girding our curriculum with the bible, rich cultural history, academics, technology, and creative arts. Our Village students will be highly prepared for college, technical school, or to move forward into other creative/gifted programs.